Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Monday Shopping Spree!

Once in a while, after a rough day at work, after I’ve come home, made dinner and taken care of the kids, and I am just totally pooped, nothing makes me feel better like a SL Shopping Spree! Look at the totally cute outfit I put together!

I was checking out the new stuff at Cupcakes! and I came across this adorable halter top in Funky Pink.  I paired it with these awesome brown leather riding pants from Baiastice and one of my favorite pairs of shoes from Taboo.  They are called Amys Fetish sandals.  The red color coordinates perfectly with the reds and pinks in the shirt.  With the hud I was able to change the shoe hardware to match my gold earrings, new from YS&YS.  The bangles, Atlante and my skin, Barbara 04 Joy are all new from YS&YS too!  I absolutely love this new skin.  The shading is gorgeous.  The cheek bones, collar bones, and abs are all highlighted perfectly.  As usual, Monicuzza Babenco has done a top notch job 🙂  Well..its time for me to turn in…what a relaxing way to end the day…all of you lovelies should treat yourselves to an SSS (SL Shopping Spree) once in a while 🙂



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