Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

I <3 Adiva!

I ❤ Adiva Couture!  Annejoy creates not only elegant formal gowns, but awesome casual outfits too!  For today only, she has the super sexy outfit, Double Dose Hot Passion, on sale for 129L.  Look at this outfit…it doesn’t get much hotter than this! (Skin by M2M, Valentine’s Day Special, Hair by Bishwear)

I buy a lot of outfits from Adiva.  Annejoy’s sense of style is impeccible.  The clothes are very well made and are reasonably priced.    The outfit below is called Camille.  The pants hug my curves perfectly and the textures are sooo realistic! (Skin-OC, Hair-Damselfly Sander, Jewelry-RH Engel Beauvallet)

When I am feeling casual, I wear this is called Beyonce.  I would wear this outfit in RL.  It is perfect for shopping or sitting at an outdoor cafe….casual and comfy with just the right amount of sexiness 🙂  (Skin-Pelle, Hair-Zero Style, Jewelry-YS&YS, Shoes-Kalnins)

This dress was a special release for Valentine’s Day.  It is fun and flirty!  Perfect for that evening out with your sweety!(Skin-OC, Hair-Exile, Boots-Gritzi, Jewelry-Alienbear)


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