Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Bliss Couture has released a new group gift called The Feather Dress….mmmm feathers, how decadent!

As usual, you are not disappointed with Bliss Couture.  This dress is elegant and sexy at the same time.  The design does not require a lot of accessorization.  When I was perusing the 100L sale at Finesmith Jewelry, I saw the November collection and knew it would look great with this dress.  The November set includes the necklace and tiara.  I wish it came with earrings…I used diamond studs but they do not do the set justice.


So, for a great outfit, you can head over to Bliss Couture, get an awesome dress for free, and then head over to Finesmith and buy some coordinating jewels and you have a terrific ensemble for 100L!  You can’t beat that!



Dress-Bliss Couture



Lashes-Glam Affair

Shoes-Taboo Paris Ribbon


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