Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

The other day I felt the need to go shopping.  Surprise, surprise lol.  I had heard that one of my favorite stores, YS&YS (Your Shape & Your Skin) had a new group gift.  So, I stopped by and picked up Evelin in Fresh.  I really really like this skin.  The freckles are soooo realistic!  In the past YS&YS has leaned towards skin shades that work better with dark hair.  However, Evelin has very lovely BLONDE eyebrows!  I really really like this skin and it was FREE! 

I then stopped by Phoenix Rising to check out what was going on there.  I found a cute dress, Inner Wrappings.  Kind of a strange name for a dress, but it is way too cute.  It is a cream color with lace on the bodice.  it also comes with a cute little jacket.

I then paid a visit to Mikan and picked up several new hairs.  The one I am wearing is called Melmo.  If you have never been to Mikan, you are missing out.  It is a small store, but they have some cute styles and the prices are cheap!  Melmo cost 100L for two colors!  I normally don’t go for pink hair, but this shade matches the lace on the bodice of the dress perfectly:)

Of course I needed to get a new pair of shoes to complete the outfit.  While checking out the new stuff at *COCO*, I found the coolest sandals!  They have a very unique name, Multicolored Sandals.  LOL.  They are definitely multicolored and FUN!!!!


Phoenix Rising:




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