Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

:Vesna:New Releases

Hey if you haven’t heard about this new store, :Vesna:,  you should stop by and check it out.  It is on the same sim as Garage and *LP*.   The detail on the clothing is amazing.  Check out this shirt, called Lu.  The shading and ripples in the shirt are impeccably done.  I have paired it with :Vesna:’s black leggings called Li Legensy.

My hair is Gille by Milkan and my earrings are from [glow] (I bought them at the Dressing Room Blue, but I beleive I saw them for sale at their main store).  Shoes-Multicolored Sandals from *COCO*. Prim nails are from Love Soul.

:Vesna: also has a new dress available called Li.  I love this dress because it is so utterly feminine!  The neckline is very unique and flattering.  Once again, check out that shading!  This jewelry set is a new release from ((Ripe)) and is called Come Sail Away.  How perfect for summer!


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