Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Another One for the Guys #3

It has been a while since I have put together an outfit for the guys.  I have mentioned XTC Leather in other blog entries, but I failed to mention that they have a HUGE selection of clothes for the guys too.  Below I have two different outfits..the first one is called Gothica Leather.  It includes a very nice jacket, red shirt and very sexy leather pants.  Caril is wearing it with Bryce’s Cosmo hair and sunglasses from Role Optic called Stream.  My necklace is from Earthstones and is called Faith Cross Necklace (purchased here on SL marketplace).  My shoes are from Ispachi and I previously blogged them here.

The second outfit, has an unusual name, 12:21 am.  It includes a long leather trench coat, denim jeans with leather embellishments a button down shirt with necklace and denim vest.  This outfit is very versatile!  It can be worn with out without the coat, with or with out the vest and with or without the shirt.  Tons of possibilities!!!  When you buy good clothes at a good price, it isn’t hard to look great!  Check out these designers, you won’t be disappointed!


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