Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Well, it’s Monday Mania’s 39th week, and the list just keeps getting better and better!  Check out some of the items on sale tomorrow…

Enslave Me, by Artic Storm can be worn several ways.  It can be a formal gown or worn with pants.  It comes with two different shirt options, two skirts, and pants.


Butterfly EffectZ is offering Clair, which has a corset, an overshirt with a ruffle, and coordinating pants.


This week, DL Dream Designs is offering 4 different items!!!   The first is a lingerie set, Bowed Up Lingerie in Teal.  Sexy  and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Fire Red by DL Dream Designs features a halter top and adorable flood pants.

If you are as tired of winter as I am, Pastel Plain by DL Dream Designs is perfect!  The sweetheart neckline of the halter is timeless!

And Leafy Maroon by DL Dream Designs is very sophisticated and feminine.


Kiera Seda of Sacred Roses, has been very busy creating another stunning gown, called Commit.  It can be worn with a long formal skirt or as a short dress for special events.


sf Design has two items this week, one for the guys and one for the gals.  Below is an elegant dress, Melinda.  It can be worn as this elegant dress or as a babydoll top with capris.


I have blogged Snowpaws many times, as I shop there on a regular basis.  You will not be disappointed with the Luscious Flower Dress in Mocha.  The textures are light and airy as well as highly detailed.


When you visit these great designers, be sure to hit the Monday Mania group joiner.  If you look in the notices, you will find this bejeweled lingerie set as a gift from Kiera Seda.  It has two different tail options, one that has poses in it and one that is removable by your partner.


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