Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Its week 3 already!  So far I am enjoying the challenge and I am determined to not get behind.  I was thrilled to find this very pretty dress in my inventory.  It is one of Jasilyn Amiot’s creations, Jazzy’s Midnight Blue, that she designed for her store, Jazzy’s Elite Designs.  She may call it Midnight Blue, but I consider it Indigo 🙂  My jewelry is Nova from Gems & Kisses.  My hair is Gina from Fab-U-Lous and my skin is Al Vulo’s Polly skin in cacoa.  This picture was taken in my garden and my windlight settings are Bree’s Appleblossom.


Comments on: "52 Weeks of Color Part Deux-Electric Indigo" (7)

  1. Indigo it definitely is! And perfect for your garden too. Very pretty!

  2. you look so sweet in that dress.. nice pose too, bye bye Nic

  3. Very pretty!! I’m trying very hard not to get behind as well… It feels like it is almost impossible to keep up when you do. Great job!

  4. Oooh, beautiful dress, and love your hair!

  5. Nice and soft look. Love that hair on you too 🙂

  6. pretty dress and I love your hair!

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