Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Cleaning out my closet :)

Lately my closet has been totally out of control!  I am not the best about filing things away as I should be…  I came across lots of mystery boxes, which can be fun.  Most of the time, I love the stuff when I unpack it, but I have had a couple ‘WTH was I thinking???’ moments.  LOL.  This is one of the outfits I can across in my inventory…don’t worry its a keeper :D.  This curve hugging dress is from LeBloom.  LeBloom is a new to me store that I came across when exploring the new Exodi location.  Can you believe this beautiful ruby and onyx jewelry set from Lazuri was just sitting unused in my inventory?  It is soo pretty and sophisticated.  I then added a pair of vintage stockings from No. 9 Nylons.  Putting together a new outfit makes cleaning out my closet a little more tolerable 🙂



Comments on: "Cleaning out my closet :)" (2)

  1. Where is the hair in the pic from?

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