Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Well, so far, Alice Blue has been the most difficult color for me.  I search for ‘Alice Blue’ in my inventory and of course, nothing came up.  Then I remembered this beautiful gown I blogged a while back for Agnes Finney’s My Precious.  The gown is called My Preciousness and it is a lovely confection of lace and ribbon.  With it, I am wearing Alienbear’s Princess Felicity jewelry set and my hair is Love Song from Exile.  My skin is a special Valentine’s Day Skin that is a group gift form Mons.  Hit the group subscriber and its yours 🙂


Comments on: "52 Weeks of Color Part Deux~Alice Blue" (9)

  1. your first picture has so much blue it…bye bye Nic

  2. Aw very pretty gown and pics Cari!

  3. bourbiedoll said:

    OMG, your gown is amazing! Hard to go wrong with Agnes, eh? And your hair is perfect with that gown. You look fabulous:)

  4. Beautiful gown Cari!

  5. pretty gown it fits perfect with your blog layout

  6. that dress looks amazing!

  7. Very pretty look! Love the composition of your shots, too.

  8. Beautiful Photo Cari ❤

  9. Lovely gown and photo 🙂

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