Musings of a Virtual Barbie Doll…

Well, this week I could not find anything in my inventory that was the color of Folly.  So I had to go shopping.  Oh darn. LOL.  I tend to frequent the same designers to this time I made an effort to vary to someone I haven’t visted in a while, and it was quite a successful trip.  I found my Folly, the Lollipop dress at Gizza.  I love the playfullness and femininity of this dress.  It is quite flirty and romantic, perfect for Valentine’s Day!  My hair is from Iconic, my jewelry is from Caroline’s and my shoes are from GField (custom tinted).


Comments on: "52 Weeks of Color Part Deux~Folly" (9)

  1. oh so elegant and light.. and i love the dress.. nice picture too…bye bye Nic

  2. I contemplated that dress… I love it!

  3. I almost used that dress for my post too! Great choice ❤

  4. Love the retro look to this picture… you look so pretty

  5. Love the dress, you look so beautiful and ready for a romantic V-Day!!!

  6. That is a super cute dress, so perfect for V-day or a party!

  7. So cute, and that pose is so flirty!

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