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52 Weeks of Color~Wenge by DeVicious

I’m baaacccckkkk!   I am sorry I neglected my blog for so long!  I have really been tangled up in real life.  That darn real life is always getting in the way!  I was really working hard to get all 52 Weeks of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge completed but I don’t think I am going to make it 😦    Oh well.  C’est la vie.  I’m still going to try to do as many as I can…  So here is Wenge!  I must say I have never heard of this color before, but I saw Luna’s Wenge post and it looked a lot like the color of the catsuit I happened to be wearing from DeVicious.  Check it out…  My catsuit is called “Suit My Mood” and I am wearing it with nails, rings and earrings from Rozoregalia, my hair is Mariposa from Truth (without butterflies).  My tattoo is “Only God Can Judge” from Glue Ink.  This tattoo has an optional spinal cord that looks very cool with my Spinal Piercing from HoD.  My other piercings are from HoD also.  Its good to be back 🙂


52 Weeks of Color~Electric Blue

Not long ago, when doing the Platinum Hunt, I bought outfits to fill in the colors I am missing from the 52 Weeks of Color.  Hunts can be VERY expensive for me LOL.  Electric Blue goes all the way back to week 35, so I’m just a teeny bit late 🙂

My hair is from 69, my jewelry is from Je Suis, and my dress is Colorful from Peqe.

52 Weeks of Color~Firebrick~Glitterati by Sapphire

For this week’s color, Firebrick, I am wearing Glitterati by Sapphire’s Ruby Brocade Lehenga.  It is so beautifully detailed!  I had to google Lehenga because I did not know the significance of the dress.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Lehenga, it is worn by Indian or Pakistani women for weddings and special occasions.  Sapphire has a large variety of accessory items too, such as the beautiful waist chain I am wearing and ruby shoes that coordinate perfectly with this Lehenga.

My hair is Summer by, My Lehenga, waist chain, shoes, and bindi are from Glitterati by Sapphire, my necklace and earrings are Magnolia by Alienbear.

52 Weeks of Color~Patriarch by Elymode, Je Suis & Aphotic Gloom

Sippin’ gin and juice,

Layin’ under the palm trees

The boys break their necks

Tryin’ to creep a little sneak peek

California Gurlz, we’re unforgettable

Daisy dukes, bikinis on top

Sun-kissed skin, so hot

We’ll melt your popsicle!

~California Gurlz by Katy Perry

Sometimes I think Luna makes these colors up!  I have never heard of the color Patriarch before, but Elymode recently released this adorable bikini set, Mondara,  that is infused with what I think is the perfect Patriarch color.  I found the coordinating jewelry set, Asymetrique, at Je Suis.  My eyes are a new release from Aphotic Gloom, Tirablue.  I have heard a lot from Gogo about Aphotic Gloom, but I had never tried them myself until now.  I must say they are very, very realistic and the colors are just amazing.  I must say even though I had no clue what color Patriarch was, I do like it!

52 Weeks of Color~Tangerine

Don’t you love my tangerine jacket 😉  Its from Mimikri.  My latex teddy is from Vextra.  My hair is  Aiden from Beautiful Dirty Rich.  Woohoo!  3 posts today…Cari’s gettin’ her groove back!  Btw…in case you noticed…no music lyrics…I am watching television tonight!

52 Weeks of Color~Apricot

Have you checked out Collabor88 yet?  It is a collection of sale items from a variety of great designers.  This vintage babydoll is from Grixdale, who unfortunately is closing on August 31st 😦   The hair I am wearing, is Gabriel from Truth and you can get the entire fatpack at Collabor88.

52 Weeks of Color~Mahogany

Eeek!  Only 11 weeks left in Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of color challenge!  I need to get caught up!  In real life, I am drawn to earthy colors and I particularly love the color Mahogany.  This dress is an oldie but goodie from the now closed, Phoenix Rising.  My hair is Gabriel from Truth as is on sale for Collabor88.  My jewelry is from Mandala.

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