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One For the Guys #2

Well this is my second blog entry for the guys.  In my humble opinion, men are an under served market in SL.  Clothing is hard to find for them…I have been looking around for a new male outfit for a week or so and I must say, I really struggled.  I somehow stumbled upon a store that is new to me, called Gabriel.  Wow.  I dropped a lot of lindens at Gabriel.  They have both men’s and women’s clothes and they have quite a few items on sale 50% off right now.  I bought this leather jacket and grey shirt there.  They can be worn together or separately.  The leather pants are from DE Designs, my hair is from Tukinowaguma, Shoes are from Ispachi, and the poses are from Agapee.


An New Casual Outfit for the Guys

I frequently have men ask me where they can get good clothes.  A pickup line?  Most likely…but I do believe there is some truth to what they are asking…  Men have a hard time finding clothes in SL, particularly well made clothes.  So…I am going to make more of an effort to blog clothes for men.  If you follow my blogs, you will notice that once in a while, Caril appears.  Caril is Cari’s male alterego 🙂  Well, I recently went shopping for some new duds for Caril.  This is what I found:

What Caril is wearing:

Hair: Truth-Jason in Toffee (purchased on SL Marketplace!)

Skin, Shape, Eyes & Jeans:  From Damiani.  (Skin and shape, called Blade, came together so I didn’t have to do any adjusting.)

Track Jacket & T-shirt: From Truth Clothes.

Shoes: ISPACHI Holmes purchased on SL Marketplace.  These are short boots that have a resizer and are color changeable.  There are 7 different colors.  Perfect for casual or dress!

Happy Shopping!!!

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