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Introducing Ice Cream from JeSyLiLo <3

Lilo Glom, creator of JeSyLiLo has been very busy lately!  A couple days ago I blogged one of her new skins, Snow, for you.  Today she surprised us with the release of Ice Cream.  I must say, I really really like this skin.  It has a smattering of freckles and natural makeups that are refreshing and reminiscent of “The Girl Next Door” image.  I think Lilo really did a nice job on this skin.  The skin tones are Light, Tan, Light Tan, Sun Kissed, and Dark.  Each skin tone pack comes with Breast and Teeth options, as well as a variety of makeups.

I was visiting Aoharu yesterday because they are having a sale…and I found this adorable bikini.  I love the bright plaid, it is so playful!  I also finished my rooftop garden yesterday (with the help of my friend NewSmil <3), so I had to use it for a picture today!  Please keep in mind that the first two pictures below have been heavily photoshopped.  The very last picture, has not been edited, except for being cropped.

What I am wearing…my hair is from Catwa, my eyes are from Aphotic Gloom, my bikini is from Aoharu, my sandals are from [Gos], and my bow tattoo is from Glue Ink.


Special Deal at Sacha’s & Snow from JeSyLiLo

This is Ana, one of the newest releases from Sacha’s.  Ana is a sexy casual outfit that comes with two sweater options, and two pant options.  Ana is normally 299L, but right now, 4 of the color options is on sale for 199L.  My skin, is a new release from JeSyLiLo, called Snow.  I am wearing the light tan skin tone, which comes with 6 make up options as well as light, dark, and red brows.  My hair is from Exile, my boots from [Gos], and my earrings are from Finesmith.

52 Weeks of Color~Ruby by Shiki & JeSyLiLo

Now Playing…

I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chapstick

I kissed a girl just to try it

I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it

~I kissed a girl by Katy Perry

Great song!  Well, I was wandering around Shiki today looking for something cute to blog and my eye was drawn to this adorable bikini and wraparound skirt…perfect for these hot Ohio summers!  I am also wearing one of JeSyLiLo’s newest skins, Mona.  I love this skin!  This is the tan version and in my opinion, it looks very natural.  My hair is one of Head Mistress’ new releases for the Hair Fair (fat pack is 150L at the Hair Fair right now).    My jewelry is the Bloomin’ Gems set from Caroline’s Jewelry.

My Preciousness is Precious!

My Preciousness is the newest release in the My Precious Lace Gown Collection.  The design of the gown is dreamy and romantic!  I am wearing it with one of Tukinowaguma’s newest releases, Faith and The Princess Felicity jewelry set from Alienbear.  My skin is JeSyLiLo’s newest skin, Layla.

Its on Sale @ Shiki!!!

I love all of the spring dresses that are being released!  It is still very cold here in Ohio.  I am sooo ready for warm weather!  This lovely dress, Floral Monsoon, from Shiki is 50% off this week!  Floral Monsoon features a sweetheart neckline, dainty cap sleeves, and a sculpted skirt.  It looks great with EMO-tions new hair, Smith, JeSyLiLO’s new skin, Layla, and [glow]’s Cherryflow set.

Artic Storm, EMO-tions and JeSyLiLo

I love the soft pale green color of this new dress, Sophie, from Artic Storm.  The detailing of this dress is so pretty and detailed.  It can be worn with and without the corset.  Sophie is on sale this week 50% off.  My hair is Poison from EMO-tions.  My skin is JeSyLiLo’s new Layla skin.  This skin comes in the 4 basic skin tones and tons of options, including matte or shiny, hair, cleavage, 5 eyeshadows, 4 lipglosses, dimples, and 2 eye tattoos.

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