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52 Weeks of Color~Wenge by DeVicious

I’m baaacccckkkk!   I am sorry I neglected my blog for so long!  I have really been tangled up in real life.  That darn real life is always getting in the way!  I was really working hard to get all 52 Weeks of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge completed but I don’t think I am going to make it 😦    Oh well.  C’est la vie.  I’m still going to try to do as many as I can…  So here is Wenge!  I must say I have never heard of this color before, but I saw Luna’s Wenge post and it looked a lot like the color of the catsuit I happened to be wearing from DeVicious.  Check it out…  My catsuit is called “Suit My Mood” and I am wearing it with nails, rings and earrings from Rozoregalia, my hair is Mariposa from Truth (without butterflies).  My tattoo is “Only God Can Judge” from Glue Ink.  This tattoo has an optional spinal cord that looks very cool with my Spinal Piercing from HoD.  My other piercings are from HoD also.  Its good to be back 🙂


..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::..

We got a redlight

Pornographic dance fight

Systematic, honey

But we got no money

Bang, Bang, we’re beautiful and dirty rich

Bang, Bang, we’re beautiful and dirty rich

 ~Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady Gaga

This Lady Gaga-ish style outfit, Government Hooker, was created by Cameron Vasiliov, Owner/Designer of Beautiful Dirty Rich, obviously a huge Lady Gaga fan  🙂  This outfit is rather unique not only in its appearance, but when you purchase it, you get the ENTIRE outfit!  You get the hair, ears, tail, boots, skirt, corset, pastie, collar and mask.  My skin is from Glam Affair and my jewelry is from Rozoregalia.  Rawwwwr!

New [HUZ] Sci-Spec… WoW!

[Huz] has come out with something new…Sci-Spec and it definitely has a WoW!  Factor!  You can click on it to change the color..there are 5 choices, Yellow, Red, White, Fuchsia and Green.  Stop by and check out [Huz] tats…you won’t be disappointed with the tattoos or the Sci-Spec.

I am wearing..Outfit:  Rfyre’s Belle Epoch II, Hair:  EMO-tions, Jewelry:  Rozoregalia Nails:  [love soul]

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