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Introducing Pencarrow from Sascha’s

Pencarrow is Sascha’s newest formal gown.  It features a plunging keyhole bodice, 2 sleeve options, 2 collar options, a bolero jacket, 6 skirt options, Wow!!!!  Ooh did I mention that it comes in 12 different colors????  This dress is incredibly elegant and flexible.  It is perfect for any occasion!

I am wearing:  My hair is Allure from Plume, my earrings are from Donna Flora, my shoes are from SLink, my skin is Glam Affair’s, Gio Natural Skin Fall/Winter available now at the Dressing Room.


Sexiness & My Derriere <3

I was recently undergoing some SL Retail Therapy and I found myself at Kim Bodysuits.  I hadn’t been there in quite a while and I must admit I loved the new build and the clothing line has really been expanded!  I came across this sexy black dress with a little hint of gold trim, Lykra.

Recently Gogo put out a blog challenge to highlight an often ignored part of our body, our derriere.  Here is my derriere shot 🙂

While out dropping tons of lindens, I picked up some new jewelry and nails from Mandala.  Yay me!  I love the chunkiness of the Kabuki set.  The earring set comes in several different sizes and of course the bracelets can be worn with and without the nails and vice versa.

My dress is Lykra from Kim Bodysuits, my hair is from Head Mistress, my jewelry is Kabuki from Mandala, my heels are Cassandra from SLink.

52 Weeks of Color~Red~HOX, Mood & Exodi

Today I am wearing a very gown from HOX called Season of Hope.  Right now, if you spend 500L at HOX, you will receive the Season of Hope fatpack free.  It can be worn as a cocktail dress or as a full length gown.  The free fatpacks will only be available until April 19th, after that, they will not be sold.  It should be VERY easy to spend 500L at HOX…currently, they are having a 100L sale!  The Season of Hope gown looks great with Mood’s Siddean Pink Garnet Choker, Cuff and Earrings.  If you are an Exodi Groupie, you should have picked up this Sylvan skin, the March group gift.  If you aren’t an Exodi group member, you really should be..the April giftie is already out 🙂  My hair is Cherry Pie from Shag and my boots are Whitney by SLink.

52 Weeks of Color~Black

I love this outfit.  It is fun, flirty, and sexy yet all my goodies aren’t hanging out 🙂  This black velvet corset is part of the Laced Dreams lingerie set from Blacklace.  I have paired it with Blacklace’s Black Squins cocktail skirt.  My hair is Miranda from Truth, my jewelry is the River of Love set from Alienbear, my shoes are from SLink, and my skin is from Glam Affair.

52 Weeks of Color~Taupe

Taupe has been a hard color for me…well, all of the browns have been kind of hard for me.  Taupe, ecru, sienna, umber….they are all very similar!   I think Luna should be running out of browns soon though 🙂   I found this shirt at Baiastice and instantly fell in love with it.  It feels vintage yet modern.  I was hunting for a long pencil skirt to wear with it, but I wasn’t able to find one 😦  Instead I paired it with these brown leather pants from Baiastice that have been in my inventory for a while.

This background was made by Whimsy Winx and all I can say is that girl has some serious talent.  My hair is fromVive9 and my shoes are from SLink.  My skin is Isabella by Dream Ink.  Poses are from {exposeur}.

Skin Fair 2011~Dream Ink

The 2011 Skin Fair starts today and you will not be disappointed by the selection of stunning skins available!  I found many that I liked but Isabella by Dream Ink was my favorite 🙂  I favor makeup that is a little bolder and darker skins, so this skin is awesome for me!  Of course it is available in lighter and darker skin tones if Tan isn’t right for you. First and foremost, let me start out by saying that these skins have not been modified in photoshop, except to fix a pointy elbow or two and to add my name.   Let me tell you some of the things I like about this skin.  I love the bronze color of the skin and the highlighting on the body.   When I look at new skins, of course I look at the face and the quality of the shading on the face.  However, we have all seen skins with a beautiful face but a very flat body.  I always look for subtle shading on the clavicle, around the breasts, on the arms, the stomach, front and back of the legs, shoulder blades and the derrière.   There could be a little bit more highlighting on the derrière,  but it still looks pretty good.  I don’t like my arse to look white washed either 🙂  I have included pics of three of the makeups.  There are a ton available, but these are 3 of my favorites. ( I could have made the pics smaller, but it just annoys me when bloggers want you to look at microscopic pics and expect you to see the fine details of a skin).  As you see, the eyes have a slight highlight in the corners and the shadows range from an almost bare eye to a very smoke eye and the lips are very full and glossy.  Very kissable ;P

I am wearing:  Lingerie from Fishy Strawberry, Hair from Bishwear, Earrings from Dark Mouse, Prim Nails from [love soul] and shoes from SLink.











Morea Style~Aurelie Leopard

Have you checked out Morea Style lately?  They have a new release, called Aurelie.  The dress is available in Leopard, Disco and Black Rose.  I have chosen to wear Leopard, because the animal print is so subtle.  I am not a huge fan of anything animal print but the textures of this dress are very well done.  I can almost feel the softness of the fur under my fingers.  Aurelie features a bustier trimmed with Leopard print cups, a tulle skirt, a Leopard print sash and it is all topped off with a black shrug.  The combination creates a dress that exudes sex appeal and style but is not overly revealing.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Miranda by Truth

Skin:  Glam Affair

Earrings:  No Round Earrings by [glow]

Shoes:  Cassandra by SLink

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