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52 Weeks of Color~Silver


Well, I have been so busy with all of these hunts and fairs that have been going on, I have neglected my 52 Weeks of Color posts 😦  I am waaaayyyyyy behind!  As soon as I saw the color of the week was silver, I knew exactly what outfit I would use.  This is an oldie but goodie from Redgrave called Silver Sequin Club Dress.  It can be worn with or with the out leggings and also has optional fringe.  I am wearing a new release from Bishwear called Macey.  If you haven’t been to Bishwear lately, they have updated their textures and they are soo awesome.  My earrings and necklace are called Nouveau Flowers from Dark Mouse.  My bangles are from YS&YS.  My skin is Dream Ink’s newest release, Isabella.  You can check it out at the 2011 Skin Fair.  ❤


Skin Fair 2011~Dream Ink

The 2011 Skin Fair starts today and you will not be disappointed by the selection of stunning skins available!  I found many that I liked but Isabella by Dream Ink was my favorite 🙂  I favor makeup that is a little bolder and darker skins, so this skin is awesome for me!  Of course it is available in lighter and darker skin tones if Tan isn’t right for you. First and foremost, let me start out by saying that these skins have not been modified in photoshop, except to fix a pointy elbow or two and to add my name.   Let me tell you some of the things I like about this skin.  I love the bronze color of the skin and the highlighting on the body.   When I look at new skins, of course I look at the face and the quality of the shading on the face.  However, we have all seen skins with a beautiful face but a very flat body.  I always look for subtle shading on the clavicle, around the breasts, on the arms, the stomach, front and back of the legs, shoulder blades and the derrière.   There could be a little bit more highlighting on the derrière,  but it still looks pretty good.  I don’t like my arse to look white washed either 🙂  I have included pics of three of the makeups.  There are a ton available, but these are 3 of my favorites. ( I could have made the pics smaller, but it just annoys me when bloggers want you to look at microscopic pics and expect you to see the fine details of a skin).  As you see, the eyes have a slight highlight in the corners and the shadows range from an almost bare eye to a very smoke eye and the lips are very full and glossy.  Very kissable ;P

I am wearing:  Lingerie from Fishy Strawberry, Hair from Bishwear, Earrings from Dark Mouse, Prim Nails from [love soul] and shoes from SLink.











Introducing Lime by La Luna Di Carta-Papermoon

Not long ago, a friend introduced me to this great little store, with a complicated name:)  I love the designs!  The clothes are well made, and the fabrics are soo fun!  This is the perfect summer outfit called Lime.  It comes with a delightful summer dress and a bikini.  Can’t you imagine hanging out at the beach with friends in this little dress?  Right now Lime is on sale for 199L.  That includes, the dress, bikini, shoes, and anket.  Stop by La Luna Di Carta-Papermoon, you won’t be disappointed!

Top:, Glasses-OMFG Color Change Shades, Earrings-Sun Beams by Magia

Bottom:  Hair-Bishwear, Earrings-Sun Beams by Magia


**KIM Fashion Bodysuits**

A couple weeks ago I saw someone blog a SUPER SEXY dress called Tattia by KIM Fashion Bodysuits.  The blogger loved the dress because it was curve hugging and well made.  Well, I of course had to check this designer out.  Below is the original dress I saw blogged…It is called Tattia.

Now do you see why I had to check this store out?  I love how the dress is constructed.  There is no trace of  that annoying prim panel in the crotch area.  The dress below is called BabyDoll in Darky Red.  It is oooh soo sexy!  I feel like a pin up girl wearing this!   See how it hugs my curves???  Wow!!

I highly recommend you go check out KIM.  This is just a couple of their sexy offerings.  I am POSITIVE you will find something there…  here is your limo….


Top Picture- Tattia by KIM, Hair-Bishwear, Jewelry-YS&YS, 

Lower Pictures-BabyDoll by KIM, Hair-Exile, Heels-SLink

Sorry mystery blogger, I don’t remember who you are, but I obviously enjoyed your blog that day 🙂

I <3 Adiva!

I ❤ Adiva Couture!  Annejoy creates not only elegant formal gowns, but awesome casual outfits too!  For today only, she has the super sexy outfit, Double Dose Hot Passion, on sale for 129L.  Look at this outfit…it doesn’t get much hotter than this! (Skin by M2M, Valentine’s Day Special, Hair by Bishwear)

I buy a lot of outfits from Adiva.  Annejoy’s sense of style is impeccible.  The clothes are very well made and are reasonably priced.    The outfit below is called Camille.  The pants hug my curves perfectly and the textures are sooo realistic! (Skin-OC, Hair-Damselfly Sander, Jewelry-RH Engel Beauvallet)

When I am feeling casual, I wear this is called Beyonce.  I would wear this outfit in RL.  It is perfect for shopping or sitting at an outdoor cafe….casual and comfy with just the right amount of sexiness 🙂  (Skin-Pelle, Hair-Zero Style, Jewelry-YS&YS, Shoes-Kalnins)

This dress was a special release for Valentine’s Day.  It is fun and flirty!  Perfect for that evening out with your sweety!(Skin-OC, Hair-Exile, Boots-Gritzi, Jewelry-Alienbear)

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