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52 Weeks of Color~Sienna

For this color, I challenged myself to find something that I already had in my inventory.  I found this sexy dress called Leaf from Snowpaws.  The halter top and the sarong style skirt gives it a very tropical feel.  I love the color against my tan skin from Dream Ink, Isabella (featured at the 2011 Skin Fair right now).  My earrings and bracelet are part of the Falling Leaves set from Earthstones.   My shoes are Femme Fatale from Taboo, and my hair is Exile’s Wild Orchid.



52 Weeks of Color~Yellow

Slowly getting caught up…I am up to week 6 Yay!  I found yellow to be pretty easy.  I knew right away I would wear my favorite dress from Tres Beau, Daffodil.  I love the classic style of this dress.  It makes me feel like a sexy June Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver.  ( I am not THAT old…The Beaver was in re-runs when I was a kid!)  My hair is Riley from Truth and my shoes are Paris Ribbon from Taboo.

52 Weeks of Color~Goldenrod

Well, this is umm week 3 of Luna Jubilee’s color challenge, and I must admit, I had a hard time with this one.  Goldenrod is a somewhat subjective color that changes depending on windlight settings lol.  After buying a couple outfits that I thought were Goldenrod and turned out to be brown, I fell back on this awesome dress, Vanidad, that I already had in my inventory from Indyra Originals.  I love the colors and I wear this dress frequently.  The textures are just amazing and they look good with the dark skins that I favor.

My hair is from Sweet Hair Sweet Faces, jewelry is from YS&YS, & my sandals are from Taboo.

DK Designs

Well, I am getting caught up on some blogging…and I found this adorable shirt in my inventory from DK Designs. It is called Andrea and it comes in a multitude of colors.  I am wearing the green & yellow combination.  This outfit can be worn as a bodysuit/leotard, worn with the shorter shirt over the tank as I have it, or vice versa.  What a great outfit for these chilly autumn days 🙂  I am wearing it with jean capris from *Rezlpsa Loc*, Folk green earrings from [glow], My bracelet is a freebie from *COCO*, my hair is Sweet Disposition from Shag, and my sandals are from Taboo.

The Sale is still on at Tres Beau!

Tres Beau has over 100 items on sale 50% off until May 15th!  They have a huge variety of outfits too!  Bridal, formal, casual, fancy, they have it all!  Sample of what you can find….

This dress is called the New Daffodil.  Isn’t it a breath of fresh air?  It looks great with Truth’s new style called Riley in Tahiti and Taboo’s Paris Ribbon shoes.  If you haven’t visited Taboo, you are really missing out!  They have very reasonably priced shoes that come with a styling hud that lets you change the color of the shoes, skin, nails, etc.  Why buy tons of shoes in different colors?  Be smart with your hard earned lindens!

This outfit is called JJ Pinkie. What a fun and flirty outfit!  I feel like a young school girl wearing it!  It looks great with Lamb’s Witch in Butter.  The earrings are from RH Engel’s Celtic Diamonds set.  Sexy white heels from SLink.

The sale at Tres Beau goes until May 15th.  TP to the main store and immediately inside the entrance is a big sign that teleports you to the sale area.   Don’t miss your chance to get some of the very talented Kimmera Madison’s awesome designs at a great price!

Monday Shopping Spree!

Once in a while, after a rough day at work, after I’ve come home, made dinner and taken care of the kids, and I am just totally pooped, nothing makes me feel better like a SL Shopping Spree! Look at the totally cute outfit I put together!

I was checking out the new stuff at Cupcakes! and I came across this adorable halter top in Funky Pink.  I paired it with these awesome brown leather riding pants from Baiastice and one of my favorite pairs of shoes from Taboo.  They are called Amys Fetish sandals.  The red color coordinates perfectly with the reds and pinks in the shirt.  With the hud I was able to change the shoe hardware to match my gold earrings, new from YS&YS.  The bangles, Atlante and my skin, Barbara 04 Joy are all new from YS&YS too!  I absolutely love this new skin.  The shading is gorgeous.  The cheek bones, collar bones, and abs are all highlighted perfectly.  As usual, Monicuzza Babenco has done a top notch job 🙂  Well..its time for me to turn in…what a relaxing way to end the day…all of you lovelies should treat yourselves to an SSS (SL Shopping Spree) once in a while 🙂


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